Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bring on 2009...and CES

Just zipped my suitcase and I am ready for my flight tomorrow - hooray for Vegas and CES. I have to watch my Horns from a sports book, rather than travel to the game, again - but I suppose, as far as places to watch football go, Vegas ain't a bad option.

Pretty excited about the show this year, as I have no booth duty whatsoever and instead will mostly be helping with parties (magicJack REVOLUTION on Wednesday, January 7th, Bluetooth SIG Best of CES 2009 at Tao Friday, January 9th - if you are interested in swinging by, let me know and I will get you on the list), attending the 'It Won't Stay In Vegas' blogger party and sitting in on the Social Media Jungle super session - where all of my little blogging heroes will be speaking - I might actually get to meet a couple of them (I'm talking about you, Toeman). I have several dinners with clients lined up, several interviews I have to facilitate - a busy, but as far as CES standards go, tame week.

OH - and I am going to be meeting up with Murray SawChuck, magicJack's magician of choice for the show. Hoping he teaches me some clever little trick I can use to shock and amaze all my friends.

See ya in Vegas!